To transcend (from trans, beyond, and cando, to climb) means to go from one area to another, crossing the limit that separates them. From a philosophical point of view, the concept of transcendence also includes the idea of ​​improvement or superiority. In the Western philosophical tradition, transcendence implies a “beyond” the point of reference. Transcending means the action of “standing out”, of going from “inside” to “outside” of a certain area, overcoming its limitation or closure, in more general words it means moving from a place or limits that are imposed on the person.

TRANSCEND, the album

Can this previous paragraph define what we will find on this album? Definitely not. But it can give us an idea of ​​some stages that I have lived in my recent years and above all and most importantly, the outcome that all those experiences have caused.

Eight songs created from July 2016 to October 2020. Seven of them are mine. And the last one, an unfinished business that I had since I began to get into music (we will have to wait for the 3rd release to listen to it).

Travels through imaginary places, night dramas, unfulfilled illusions, embraces of the soul, unimaginable realities, reunions with myself, wild worlds and disintegration and integration situations.

I will show you one by one. Pieces of me and many of the inner processes that I experience.

For this introspective and emotional project, I wanted to have the collaboration of a unique artist that I met in Berlin and who surprised me enormously. His name is Emanuel Museum and I truly believe that he is a genius. His ability to express the feelings that music conveys is incredible. I met him on the street, while he was painting on the floor. He proposed to me to paint my favorite song and I proposed to him to do it with one of my tracks.
With a pen in each hand and while he listened my track, he began to draw lines that seemed to make no sense, but in less than 6 minutes, on that paper there was a work of art. He was inspired by my music and captured feelings in a magical way. That day I knew that I was going to collaborate with him sooner or later and for that reason, I want him to put his art in each of the songs on this album.

..the process

I will release one by one the songs from the album with an approximate distance of 3 weeks between each track. They will be available on all platforms such as Spotify, Beatport, etc … Each of these releases will have an exclusive illustration with the interpretation of Emanuel. Simple lines, but with a lot of artistic content. When I have released the last of the 8 tracks, I will make a (physical) CD, with limited copies for sale. You will be able to reserve it in due course. There will be some more surprises with each topic, but I’ll talk about that later.

There is still no date for the first song, but I can say that it will be soon and that it is called “back to me“.
I have created a group in Telegram for everything related to this project: SIX_transcend

I hope what you are going to hear touches some part of you.

The important thing is to feel, because it is the only thing that will really always belong to us.

Let the journey begin.